make it fresh

Our mission is to make product fresh from scratch daily, its like your grandma made it, except I'm nobodies grandma and don't plan to be one for a long time, so don't ask :)

We are always on lookout for the best ingredients on market and that's why we bake seasonally. Our menu is always changing and we always creating new adventures as we get inspired by many chefs all around the world.  

get freaky

We love to get freaky with food, sometimes everyone has to get loose. Our freak cakes are unique and colorful, packed with your favorite flavors. Check out menu coming soon...Lets get freaky!!!!

I love you

Getting married!!! Get your cake, cupcakes, cake slices or dessert bars from us, why?

We bake our cakes and sweets 24 hours or less before your BIG DAY. Let your quests have slice of cake and EAT IT TOO.

Tips to save:

Ways to save on your wedding cake is to order cutting cake and same cake pre cut cake slices to avoid cutting and serving charges from your wedding venue. 

Use fresh flowers for your cake. Will bake your cake and your florist will match your bouquet flowers with your cake flowers and make them food save too.

Make a stunning sweet bar, choose your favorite desserts, set them on different plates and heights, make them look neat and in line. Put your cutting cake in center and higher than other desserts, add a background, flowers and you have picture perfect wedding dessert bar for fraction of the price of large wedding cake.